Re-Conditioning or Regrinding of Carbide Cutting Tools

We at Rohit Cutting Tools India will Re-grind and Re-sharpen your Carbide Cutting Tools to perform like new tools at very affordable prices,
  • Grinding of all Carbide cutting tools utilizing 6-axis CNC tool and cutter grinders
  • Simplified pricing on all reconditioned tooling for our customers
  • Quick turn-around times
  • Contract pricing is also available on request
  • Quality assurance: Your cutting tools will be reground to original specifications

We offer Re-grinding and Re-sharpening Services for:

  • Carbide End Mills
  • Corner Radius End Mills
  • Carbide Ball Nose End Mills
  • Carbide Drills

Please provide the following specifications:
For Carbide End Mill Re-grinding/Re-sharpening
  • Diameter
  • Length of Flute of Carbide tools
  • No. of flutes of Carbide Tools
  • Style (e.g. Ball end mills, flat end mills, Radius end mills)
For Carbide Drill Regrinding/Re-sharpening
  • Diameter of Carbide Drill
  • Type of Carbide Drill point

For High Performance Regrinding of Carbide Drills, benefits of the same over above Standard grinding
  • Approx. 90% new tool life is achieved
  • Superior coatings are provided
  • Do not loose productivity due to cheap quality of Regrinding
  • Simple pricing & No MOQ's
You'll Save Money by Sending Us Your Dull & Worn Out Cutting Tools, benefits for working with us 
  • Rohit Cutting Tools will recondition your cutting tools to perform like new tools,
  • Your tools will be inspected, sorted, & plastic box packed for protection,
  • Simple pricing & No MOQ's,
  • So give us a call. We're sure you will be pleased with our service.

Contact us Today for Quote for your worn out cutting tools to be made to new ones today.