Over 5 decades of our service to manufacturing sector, we have supplied more than 80,000 different types, shapes and grades of HSS Tools & Carbide Tools to cater to the unique requirements of various Industries. During this period our focus has been to consistently reduce the cost of tools and simultaneously improve quality to provide superior cost effective tools to our customers.

We at RIGPL are equipped with the state of the art machinery from world renowned machine manufacturers so that we could provide you with the best of the tools with lowest possible pricing, following is non-exhaustive list of machinery at RIGPL:

  • Vertical Spindle Surface Grinders
  • Horizontal Spindle Surface Grinders
  • CNC 6-Axis Tool & Cutter Grinders
  • Tool & Cutters Grinders
  • Horizontal Milling Machines
  • Vertical Milling Machines
  • Relieving Lathes
  • Austenizing Salt Bath Furnaces (up to 1500*C)
  • Pre Heating Salt Bath Furnaces (up to 1000*C)
  • Pre Heating Air Furnaces (up to 800*C)
  • Tempering Air Furnaces (up to 600*C)
  • Tempering Salt Bath Furnaces (up to 600*C)
  • Laser Marking Equipment

Apart from the above machinery, we are also equipped with a fully functional testing lab where we analyze every product before it is passed on to our customers.