Rohit Cutting Tools - Compression Router Bits for ACP, WPC, Laminates Machining and Its Advantages

January 1, 2021

Are you facing chipping Or delamination of upper & lower surfaces in Laminates, ACP, WPC sheets then use Compression Router Bits ?

Why Compression Router bits and Not Up-Cut or Down Cut Router bits ?

The Name of these Router bits are based on the forces which act on the job i.e Up-cut router bits have forces pulling the job upwards, down-cut router bits have the forces pushing the job downwards whereas Compression Router Bits is best of both the worlds i.e. the forces are acting in compressing manner along the centre line of the tool. Please see the image below to be more clear where forces are pushing the job to the centre or Compressing the job hence the name Compression Router Bits.

Benefits of Compression Router bits over other CNC Bits

  • Designed to cut veneer & laminated materials at full depth in one pass
  • Compression Bits do not Delaminate either Bottom or Top surface , hence you get cleaner job the first time and every time.
  • You get cleaner cuts with the Compression Bits as compared to any other bits, Click here to get different sizes of Compression Bits from ROHIT Make Compression Bits
  • Since the forces are across the centre line there is no chance of Pulling up the job from the fixture , hence you do not need to invest heavily on sophisticated holding fixtures
  • Compression bits prevents chipping of Bottom & Top surfaces.
  • Suitable Materials : Plywood, Laminates, MDF, Hard Wood, Soft Wood and most other woods.

Here is why we should use Compression Bits instead of other bits; this video from Winston Moy (credits) will give you exactly why you should use Compression bits where you want cleaner Top & Bottom Surfaces

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