Rohit Cutting Tools - How Can I sharpen my Carbide End Mills & Drills ?

March 1, 2023

Everyone wants to reduce their costs, hence sharpening Carbide End Mills & Drills is MUST. Here we will talk about How & When to Re-sharpen


You've probably heard the saying "Practice makes a man perfect." Well, the same goes for Re-sharpening your Carbide End Mills & carbide drills. To get professional results, you need to practice regularly. Below, we'll outline the steps necessary to sharpen your Carbide End Mills & carbide drills like a pro. By following these simple steps, you can improve your results and keep your tools sharp for longer. Let's get started!

What Is a Carbide End Mills ?

  • A Carbide End Mill is a cutting tool that has a cylindrical shape and is used in machining ferrous & non-ferrous materials. It is made of tungsten carbide which is a hard material that can withstand high temperatures and wear. End mills are available in a variety of shapes and sizes, and can be used for a variety of milling applications.
  • The most common way to sharpen an end mill is to use a grinder. The grinder will remove material from the end mill and will sharpen the edge. Other methods can be used to sharpen an end mill, such as using CNC Tool & Cutter grinder which demands higher investment on more sophisticated shop floors or Production run setups OR you can send the same to a professional Grinding Service company for the best results with performance of end mills reaching as close to new end mills.

Benefits of Re-sharpening Carbide End Mills & Carbide Drills

It's important to keep your carbide end mills & carbide drills in good condition by re-sharpening them regularly. This will not only extend their tool life but also help you maintain the same high level of quality and precision you expect from your machining operations. There are several benefits to re-sharpening your carbide end mills & drills
on site.
  • First, it allows you to quickly and easily restore the tools to their original condition, minimizing machine downtime.
  • Second, it enables you to maintain tight tolerances and achieve the same high level of accuracy you expect from your parts.
  • Third, it helps you keep your cutting edges sharp and free of burrs, which can affect the quality of your finished parts.

When Is End Mill or Drill Re-sharpening Necessary?

  • Firstly, End mills / Drills need to be re-sharpened when they start to wear down and lose their cutting edge and your component finishes starts to reduce down from starting point
  • Secondly, when spindle load starts to increase from the starting spindle load.
  • Thirdly, if you see the size variation in your parts then sending your tools to re-sharpening is must.
  • If your end mills / drills are starting to lose their cutting edge, it's important to take action as soon as possible. Re-sharpening them before they're too dull will help you maintain your desired level of precision and avoid damaging the material you're cutting & it also prevents premature failure of Carbide end mills & carbide drills

What Is the Process of Re-sharpening?

Sharpening your carbide end mills & carbide drills is a complex task. The process involves regrinding the end mill's / drill's cutting edges as well as sharpening the points and flutes. However, it is important to note that this should be done by a professional and not done at home.
If you decide to have your carbide end mills & carbide drills professionally re-sharpened, the process begins with preparation. The first step is to check for cracks in your carbide end mills / drills and determine if they can be re-sharpened effectively. If so, then the technicians will inspect each mill / drills for authenticity and determine the best approach for sharpening that particular type of tool.

Once the inspection process is complete, the technicians will then use a computer-controlled grinding machine to give your carbide end mills & carbide drills a precision sharpening. Depending on how often and how heavily you use these end mills, they should remain sharp for hours to months before needing another re-sharpening — saving you time and money in the long run!

Factors Affecting End Mill Performance:

Geometry Design

Proper geometry design plays a crucial role in achieving high-performance end mills. Variables such as variable helix and index flute geometry design, core geometry design, OD clearance angles, and end face design influence the overall performance of the end mill. Achieving the right geometry enhances cutting efficiency and surface finish.

Material Quality

The grade or quality of carbide material used in the end mill impacts its hardness and durability. Smaller grains in the carbide matrix result in a harder tool. Exotic coatings and precision manufacturing processes also contribute to the overall tool performance

Advantages of Using Professional End Mill / Drill Re-sharpening Services

You're all set to start re-sharpening your own Carbide End Mills / Drills, but have you considered the advantages of using a professional end mill / drill re-sharpening service?
Let's start with one of the most important aspects:
  • Quality and precision. Professional services have the expertise and experience to bring back your tools like new ones - with a precise, even edge that will last longer and deliver better results. Plus, you can rest assured that their sharpeners use the best-quality diamond grinding wheels, balanced at high speeds for maximum performance and quality.
  • Cost Effective, On top of that, professional services are typically much more cost-effective than purchasing new end mills / drills, which can be quite expensive.
  • Reduction in Manpower, Machinery & Wheels inventory: Furthermore, you'll save time, manpower, machinery * wheels needed for end mills / drills re-sharpening by outsourcing your carbide cutting tools sharpening needs to them you'll free up your staff to focus on other tasks where they can be more productive.
Overall, when you take into consideration the time and cost savings associated with using a professional end mill / drill re-sharpening service, it’s clear that this is often your best option if you want consistently reliable results. Contact RIGPL Today for Professional Re-sharpening Services

Tips for Safe and Efficient Re-sharpening Practices

  • Using the right techniques and processes to sharpen your carbide end mills & carbide drills is essential to get professional results. Here are some tips for safe and efficient re-sharpening practices:
  • Start with full-sized tools – tools that are too small can be difficult to accurately sharpen since the tool’s cutting edges can be hard to see. Make sure the tool you choose is the correct size for the job.
  • Use a low-speed grinder – high speeds can cause excessive heat build-up, which can damage or deform your tool. A slow-speed grinder will give you more control over the sharpening process while keeping your tools cool. Keep one eye on the shape of your cutting edge – it should always have a smooth, even shape in order to get a clean cut. If there are any signs of deformation or bluntness, stop sharpening and opt for a new tool instead.
  • Test it out before using your sharpened tools – once you’ve finished sharpening your tool, test it out on some scrap material first. This will let you know if there were any issues with the sharpening process and also give you an idea of how well it works before committing to a full project with it.


It is important to reshape your carbide end mills & carbide drills to maintain their cutting performance whether yourself or utilizing professional service to reduce your costs. By following the simple steps in this article, you can be on your way to re-sharpening your carbide end mills & carbide drills like a Pro!

Abhinav Duggal
Abhinav Duggal

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